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Equipment & Accessories

2 Gallon Clean n Seal Deck Sprayer

$39.99 $42.95

2 Gallon Sealer Sprayer, with 3 different spray nozzles to ensure a perfect application.


2700 psi Pressure Washer by BE Pressure w/ Honda Engine (BE275HAS)

$399.00 $429.99

This 2700 psi pressure washer by BE Pressure is made to be our premier entry-level machine. With a powerful and reliable Honda engine, it has contractor grade power and reliability that you won't find at your local "big box" store. Perfect for all "around the house" projects and the DIY minded homeowner.


2700 PSI Pressure Washer by BE Pressure w/Honda Engine - Professional Grade (B2765HC)

$739.00 $809.00

Reliable, durable pressure washers by BE. This is a great, affordable pressure washer with professional grade power and durability, meant for use by a contractor.


2700psi Pressure Washer by BE w/ Honda Engine (B275HA)

$509.00 $539.00

Reliable, durable pressure washer by BE. This is a professional grade machine, but affordable enough for a homeowner. Comes with a very reliable Honda engine and an AR pump.


3,200 PSI Rotary Nozzle

Sold Out

A rotary nozzle is a "must have" item for any pressure washer owner.


3000 PSI Pressure Washer by BE Pressure w/ Honda Engine and CAT Pump (B3065HJ)

$765.00 $799.00

This 3000 psi pressure washer is lightweight but powerful, and built to last. Loaded with conveniences and technology, BE recommends this unit for everyday use.


3100psi Pressure Washer by BE Pressure w/ Powerease Engine (B317RA)

$439.00 $459.00

Durable, professional grade BE pressure washer powered by a reliable Powerease Engine. This is a professional piece of equipment, tough enough to be called contractor-grade, but affordable enough to be used around the home or the estate.


3800 PSI Pressure Washer by BE Pressure w/ Honda Engine (B389HA)

$965.00 $1,398.00

This 3800 PSI Pressure Washer is ideal for professional use. With a powerful, 9 HP Honda engine, an AR brand triplex pump, rugged steel frame and professional quality accessories, this machine will handle any job you can throw it.


4 Nozzle Flat Surface Cleaner

$65.00 $80.00

Increase your cleaning speed with this 4 nozzle flat surface cleaner, perfect for concrete and roofs.


4-Stage, 24 ft Telescopic Wand


This telescopic wand features a new, improved 4 stage extension system. It extends from 7 feet to 24 feet, allowing for easier storage. 


4000 PSI Pressure Washer by BE Pressure w/ Honda Engine (B4013)

$1,069.00 $1,658.00

This 4000 PSI pressure washer is our top of the line offering. Available with four different pump options, this is the pressure washer you need if you are a working professional who needs the most powerful machine they can find.


Anno Reverberi (AR) Blue Clean Electric Pressure Washer

$175.00 $200.00

This is perfect for daily use for the average homeowner. If you weren't sold on electric yet, this machine will make a believer out of you. Perfect for cleaning vehicles, decks and fences, siding and bricks, driveways, concrete, boats, and trailers.


BE 1" 42 GPM Powerease Transfer Pump


Our portable specially outfitted 1” water pump can spray over 3 stories up in the air and is very durable. 


BE Pressure 1 Liter (1 L) Premium Pressure Washer Pump Oil

Sold Out

This Premium Pressure Washer Pump Oil is recommended for use in your pressure washer pump. Establishing a regular crankcase oil change schedule is one of the most important steps in preventative maintenance and to assure long pump life. Buy by the case and save.


BE Pressure 3100 Watt Generator

$499.00 $699.00

Our BE Pressure 3100 watt generator is perfect for the smaller scale home or for the buyer with a smaller budget. This is a durable, professional grade generator - it uses a Powerease engine with a two year limited warranty provided by BE Pressure. If you have a question about the size of generator you need, click here to visit our generator buying guide.


BE Pressure 9000 Watt Generator with Electric Start

$999.00 $1,399.00

This is our top of the line generator - if you want to wait out a blizzard in style, or you need to power a large scale crew, this is the generator that you want to use. The BE Pressure 9000 watt generator with electric start is powered by a 420cc Powerease engine and the generator comes with a 2 year limited warranty from the manufacturer, BE Pressure. If you have a question about the size of generator you need, click here to visit our generator buying guide.


BE Pressure Gas 196cc Honda Hot Water

$2,999.00 $4,798.00
  • Engine: 196cc Honda GX200
  • PSI: 2700
  • GPM: 2.5
  • Pump: AR Triplex Pump

BE Pressure Washer 3700, Honda GX390 Engine (B4013HCS)

$999.00 $1,598.00
  • Engine: 389cc Honda GX390
  • PSI: 4000
  • GPM: 4.0
  • Pump: Comet ZWD

BE Pressure Washer 389cc Honda Hot Water

$4,099.00 $6,398.00
  • Engine: 389cc Honda GX390
  • PSI: 3500
  • GPM: 4.0
  • Pump: AR Triplex Pump

BE Pressure Washer 4.0 HP Marathon Electric Hot Water

$2,860.00 $4,520.00
  • Motor: 4.0 HP Marathon Electric 220V
  • PSI: 2000
  • GPM: 3.0
  • Pump: Triplex Pump
  • Amps: 18

BE Pressure Washer 688cc Honda Hot Water

$5,499.00 $8,998.00
  • Engine: 688cc Honda GX630
  • PSI: 3500
  • GPM: 5.0
  • Pump: General Triplex Belt Drive

Bulls Eye Garden Hose Nozzle


The Bulls Eye adjustable nozzle is perfect for both applying products as well as hosing products off. The all brass nozzle can go from shooting a straight stream, to spraying in a cone shape, and finally a powerful stream of water for a high volume wash with just the turn of the nozzle. After testing this nozzle, we determined that this nozzle showed 50% more power than traditional hose nozzles. This nozzle works great with the 1" GPM Powerease Pump for applying product.


Chemical Solution Tank


This tank can hold up to 30 gallons of solution. This tank also offers a seal-able lid. This lid will allow for storage of products. This tank is comprised of hight grade, extremely durable plastic. This tank includes a closeable spigot that makes turning off the outflow from the tank very easy.  


Chemical Tank Pump Kit

Sold Out

Chemical mixing tank and pump combination, just add product and place a garden hose on the pump and you are ready to spray. For more information about starting or growing your own roof cleaning business, please visit our business opportunities page.


Gun and Wand Combo


Durable pressure washing gun and wand combos.


Gutter Cleaner

$20.95 $25.95

Attach this gutter cleaner with a quick connect to any wand or telescopic wand and clean gutters from the ground.


Roof Hook


Use a set of roof hooks to attach to the end of a ladder to walk any roof safely. Make a set of stairs on any roof with a set of ladder roof hooks.


Soft Tip Pressure Washer Nozzle


This "soft tip" nozzle is a must have for anybody cleaning with a pressure washer. Buy a 3 pack (of any one kind of tip) for only $20. You must buy three of the same color/fan width in order to receive the discounted price. If you are looking for one of each tip, please check out our "value pack."


Soft Tip Pressure Washer Nozzle Value Pack

$20.00 $24.00

This "soft tip" nozzle is a must have for anybody cleaning with a pressure washer. This pack includes 1 of each of our 3 tip sizes, the 15 degree yellow tip, the 25 degree green tip, and the 40 degree white tip.


Telescopic Wand

$99.00 $119.00

Clean up to three stories high with a telescopic wand.


Telescopic Wand Harness

Sold Out $26.95

Use this harness to support a telescopic wand, taking stress off the arms and body.


How to Clean Your Deck with Deck Wash

In this video, Redihan shows you how to clean your wood deck using Wash Safe Deck Wash. Watch as it removes stains fom mold, akgae and other grime that are deep set within the porous wood.

How to Clean Your Roof with Roof Wash

Don't mind the cheesy music.. Redihan shows you how easy it is to clean your roof using Wash Safe's best selling Roof Wash. Watch as stains from black mold are rinsed away revealing even better curb appeal.

Wash Safe in the News & Reviews:

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