Redihan's Wash Safe

Telescopic Wand

Wand Length
$99.00 $119.00
$99.00 $119.00you save $20.00

Clean up to three stories high with a telescopic wand. Stay dry and stay off dangerous ladders with a telescopic wand. Whether you are a home owner or pressure washing contractor a telescopic wand is must have accessory for your pressure washer. Clean trucks, signs, buildings, high peaks with your telescopic wand in half the time it would take on a ladder, add a gutter cleaning attachment and clean gutters or add a rotating brush and wash windows all from the ground. The telescopic wands can be used without a telescopic wand harness but for constant use we recommend using a harness. These wands are now made with new easy to extend lever locking system, no more heavy twisting or hard to turn extension locks. These are the first of it's kind. This line of wands is the heavy duty contractors model. These wands are designed to with stand heavy use on a consistent basis.