Turn Over a New Leaf with a Bleach-Free Alternative

Eco-Safe Solutions to Solve Your Exterior Cleaning Problems

Eco-Friendly Roof Cleaning Chemicals

Eco-Friendly Roof Cleaning Chemicals

Remove stains from moss, mold, algae and lichen without harmful bleach.
Voted Best Composite Deck Cleaner

Voted Best Composite Deck Cleaner

by Home & Garden Magazine for use on Trex, Timbertech, Calibamboo, &..
Our Original Cedar Cleaning Method

Our Original Cedar Cleaning Method

Cedar Wash deep cleans wood surfaces with Oxygenated Bleach.

We're Here to the Power Washing Industry

Since 2007, Wash Safe has combined the power of pure sodium percarbonate (eco-safe hydrogen peroxide) with efficacious surfactants and a proprietary natural adheding agent into one proven formula, making it the house washing industry's go-to alternative to bleach.

It's Easy to Use Our Powder Concentrates.

Here's an overview of our pressure washing method:

Activate the solution by mixing for 20 minutes.

Mix one cup of powder for every gallon of solution in a 5 gallon bucket, plastic drum or barrel, mix consistently. Each gallon will clean 250 sq ft. 1lb = 1,000 sq ft.

Use a transfer pump to spray roof, siding or deck.

Use a pump sprayer or place submergible pump into the mixing drum and attach a 25 foot garden hose and spray nozzle to outgoing end of pump. Spray surface.

Start by aiming at the highest point.

Let the solution dwell for 10-15 minutes. It will run down over the roof or siding. Be sure to coat the entire surface. See the soap bubble on the grime.

Rinse to reveal a like-new roof, siding or deck surface.

Your pressure washer must always be aimed down the roof using the water pressure at 300-500 PSI max to avoid scarring.

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Keep'n It Green

Make the foundational change to environmentally conscientious cleaning.

30 Day Guarantee

30 Day Money Back Guarantee valid on first 3LB powder purchase. See details.

Pallet Program Savings

Save BIG with Wash Safe's Pallet Program. Enjoy savings up to 40% with pallet pricing.
Our Professional Locator helps you find a power washing PRO in your neighborhood.

Spray & Clean Composite Deck Cleaner

Awarded Best Composite Deck Cleaner

by Home & Garden Magazine. Spray & Clean Composite Deck Cleaner

The Country's Top Power Washing Contractors Use Wash Safe

See what they have to say about their experience:
Chad E.Professional Power Washer & Customer

Wash safe sells the highest and best quality of Eco-Friendly products for Pressure/Power Washing on the market. I’ve spent thousands of dollars on power washing products trying to find a company that sells what they actually send you , until I came upon Wash Safe. 100% The Best Company selling Green products on the market.

Janet B.Power Washing Contractor & Customer

Have used this product on many tile roofs in Florida. My customers rave about how beautiful the roof is after cleaning, just recently a customer commented "It looks like new!" Made us happy! Plus this company is located in Massachusetts, our original home State! So we like to use products that are very reliable and from "home!" Thank you for a wonderful product.


Bob S.Roof Cleaning Contractor & Customer

I'm a roofing contractor in northern California and have used Roof Wash for going on four years with nothing but customer praise from commercial motels to Mrs. Smiths house.

Mike B.Roof Cleaning Contractor & Customer

I have been cleaning roofs for 12 years, I'm thrilled that I found your product, why would anybody risk cleaning their roof with anything else? This product cleans as good as anything on the market and it is completely ""worry free". It has taken the stress and risk away from my jobs, it saved my business. Thank you.

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