Redihan's Wash Safe

Wash Safe™ Cedar SEAL Premium, Transparent Wood Sealant | Water-Based, Low-VOC | Waterproofing Protection | Base or Top Clear Coat on Cedar Shakes, Shingles, Siding and Log Cabins


Attention customers - our formula has changed! Please do not order and try to match an old coat of our product if your cedar was treated with Cedar Seal before July 1st 2015. Contact us instead.

The above image was taken seven years after Cedar Seal was applied to one half of the owner of the company's barn. The difference is clear.

Cedar Seal isn’t like a traditional “sealer” it’s really just a “water proofer” that is the most technically advanced water proofer on the market, it’s in formulated with our “Water-Defense”™ technology, I have been manufacturing this for 9 years. Cedar Seal should be sprayed on to every piece of cedar that you apply. Cedar Seal penetrates the cedar just below surface and bonds with the wood fibers creating a shield much like a “Tyvek” type of house wrap where water can’t penetrate the surface but air can escape thru the surface allowing the cedar to breathe. Cedar Seal also has a very advanced fungicide in it.

In order for mold and moss to grow on cedar, water needs to be absorbed by the cedar (shingle, shake or length of wood) with the water barrier that Cedar Seal provides plus the fungicide it’s nearly impossible for mold or moss to grow on the cedar after Cedar Seal is applied.

Cedar Seal does not change the color of cedar nor does it change any physical aspect of the surface of the cedar, once the Cedar Seal is on you can’t visibly see it. This allows cedar to “gray” naturally in the sun as it ages but it will never “blacken” which is really “black mold”.

Cedar Seal’s best protection is against “cracking and splitting” which occurs when water saturates the cedar shake or shingle and the temperature drops below zero the water then freezes and expands cracking and splitting the cedar shingle or shake. This is how water damage occurs and how shakes and shingle pieces come loose and fallout.

Cedar Seal is also a wonderful base coat if you were going to apply a stain or paint to the surface. This base coat of Cedar Seal will greatly extend the life of the stain or paint applied on top of it, wood is constantly moving as it gets wet and dries, it’s this moving that eventually cracks a paint or stain coat on the surface and once the paint or stain cracks air gets in and that’s when paint chips and flakes but with Cedar Seal limiting the water absorption the wood moves very little.

Cedar Seal can also be applied on top of any fire proof coating, which will form a water barrier above the fire proof coating and it will not wash off as fast, so it extends its life.

Cedar Seal couldn’t be easier to apply, a simple pump sprayer, back pack sprayer or any spray system will work.

A note about sealing: no matter how you prepare your deck for sealing or what sealer you apply, it is imperative to rinse the cleaning products off of your deck thoroughly before applying any sealer. Any remaining cleaning products on your deck will cause the sealer to fail.