Our mission is to  transform
 homes and communities with the industry's most advanced, environmentally conscientious exterior cleaning products.

Pioneered to protect your people, pets, plants and property value.

Started in my own barn on Cape Cod, I created Wash Safe in 2007 as a way to bring comprehensive, eco-safe formulas to the power washing industry which, historically, was dominated by hazardous, toxic and caustic sodium. hypochlorite or - better known as its household name- BLEACH! 


Before Wash Safe became what it is today, I was cleaning homes and researching every known chemical to deliver transformative results to all properties.Almost every search yielded (you guessed it) BLEACH. Sure, it was cheap and could provide a hefty margin on cleaning jobs but I didn't want the stress and grief of killing someone's landscaping, causing permanent damage to cedar siding or, worst of all, harming a family's precious pet. Plus I knew it would be detrimental to my health if I started cleaning with it every day. Well.. eventually I did started cleaning every day and, after years of testing and development, Wash Safe entered the world.


Our focus is developing the safest way to solve exterior cleaning problems.

Our hero formula empowers homeowners and contractors alike with everything they need for optimal cleaning performance using the pure power of organic hydrogen peroxide for nearly two decades. Sodium carbonate, Silicic acid, Disodium carbonate, Orange extract and a proprietary blend of natural adhering agents in one convenient, powerful formula.

Our philosophy is to focus our expansion on education, customer service and developing exterior cleaning essentials based on what the industry demands and the latest science indicates is the safest way to solve those cleaning problems.


Now & Then: Keep'n It Green Since 2007 

Now efficacious solutions in a user-friendly application are available to just about everybody with our best-selling powder concentrates. What began in my small barn  is a full-scale, commercial warehouse today. Wash Safe, now nationally renowned for our eco-friendly cleaning products, remains on the idyllic shores of Cape Cod in Harwich. Our products are made locally in Massachusetts and our decision to continue to manufacture in the USA speaks to our deep-roots. We have a connection to our loyal, local network of contractors and our oceanic environment, reinforcing our dedication to sustainable practices in both business operations and product development.

By embracing innovation and sustainability, Wash Safe continues to set the standard for eco- conscious cleaning solutions, proving that environmental responsibility and business success can go hand. In the coming years, we will see our customer service and education grow while maintaining the same level of personalized care and attention that has defined our brand since 2007. Thank you for being a part of it.