Redihan's Wash Safe

Sail Wash (for all Sails and Awnings)


A unique blend of powdered hydrogen peroxide and cleaning detergents makes this sail cleaner a favorite and a "must have" for anybody who owns a sail. Windsurfers, sunfishes or schooners, all sails will benefit from a good cleaning; improved performance, brighter colors and extending the life of the sail are just a few reasons you should clean your sail. If you have searched "sail cleaning products", like we have "advice on how to clean a sail" and "sail cleaning companies" made up the bulk of the results. We put a lot of the advice to the test and unfortunately the results were quite poor. Bleach and chlorine made up the majority of the recommended sail cleaning tips and when mixed at improper ratios more damage than good came out of our testing, discoloration, staining and thread damage lead the way. It took an entire summer of testing before we achieved the results that we need to have before we launch any product into the retail market

We are constantly testing sail cleaning methods; we also ask the sailors who purchase and use the product for their feedback and the method that they used to clean their sails to offer tips to future customers. We are shipping out Sail Wash daily and we have not had a single complaint.

Cleaning Awnings with Sail Wash

We've had great success with customers using Sail Wash to clean their awnings. If the awning can be detached than, the it can be cleaned in the same manner as a sail, by soaking it in a tub with our dissolved cleaner. If you can't remove your awning, you can simply spray your awning with a backpack sprayer, with our product dissolved 1/2 cup of product to a gallon of water. After you've done that, wait for the product to activate and rinse it off gently with a garden hose.

How to Clean Your Sails

The size of the container (tub, barrel, etc) that you are using to wash the sails greatly influences the amount of product needed. Here is a chart of some common containers and the amount of water they hold.

Bath tub = the average US bath tub holds 60 gallons of water.

Trash barrel = the common large, two handle trash barrel holds 32 gallons of water.

Kids pool = a 4-6ft diameter kids pool with 10” sides holds 100 gallons of water.

Whirlpool tub = a small whirlpool tub holds 75 gallons of water; a large one holds 100 gallons.

Obviously you do not want the sail jammed in to small of a container, it needs to be loose not tightly wrapped.

We have concluded that sails clean best when adding 1LB of Sail Wash for every 10-15 gallons of water.* (see next line)

*We have concluded that 4lbs is plenty Sail Wash for even 60-75 gallons of water. We have concluded that customers who used whirlpool tubs and ran the jets occasionally had exceptionally good results.

We have concluded that customers who repeated the entire process had better results. We believe that 4Lb’s of Sail Wash is the proper amount for the majority of the sails and 60-75 gallons of water is ideal.

If you are washing a Sunfish or Windsurfer sail then 2LB’s of Sail Wash and 20-30 gallons of water will be fine, if you have exceptionally large sails then you will obviously need a larger container, more water and more Sail Wash.