Redihan's Wash Safe

Soft Tip Pressure Washer Nozzle


The Quick Connects are now available in four different colors, each with a different "fan" degree opening on their tip.

Yellow - 15 degree spray

Green - 25 degree spray

White - 40 degree spray

These "Quick Connect" tips are universal washing tips that connect to the end of any pressure washer with a "quick connect coupler (most every pressure washer has these connectors on the end of the wand) they were purchased exclusively for cleaning with the Wash Safe products.

The "Soft Tip" limits the pressure and softens the impact on any surface that is being pressure washed, use of these tips will drastically limit the potential damage that a "stock" pressure washer tip may cause. Stock tips scar wood on decks,mark up siding and also remove the granules from the roof shingles.

The "Soft Tip" may be used on any surface and will quickly become your favorite tip to clean with, once you clean with one you will put away the stock tips. You can notice the round circular opening in the end of the tip, a stock tip has a flat narrow tip that produces a sharp, knife like spray of water that, like a knife cuts up surfaces, especially wet soft wood and roof shingles. These tips are the roof and deck cleaning contractors tips of choice. If you are cleaning a deck or roof we highly suggest the use of this tip to limit potential damage.