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Clean Up After Floods With Flood Rx

Time is critical after a flood, clean up needs to start immediately. Mold and other dangerous toxins begin to leave stains as soon as the water shows up so when the water is gone it's time to grab a bottle of Flood Rx and start cleaning.

Until now a product like Flood RX was only available to professional mold remediation companies. Homeowners were armed with a bottle of bleach and a sponge. The trouble with bleach is that it's not designed to clean porous surfaces - it works great on a counter top which is flat and without pores. What's missing is the right surfactants and wetting agents to drop the cleaning agent into the groves and crevices where the mold spores are hiding and multiplying. The next big problem with bleach is that it stains everything so you are limited to what can be cleaned. Let's not forget the awful odor and the eye burning fumes.

Flood Rx can be used inside or outside of the home to fight stains caused by mold. Flood Rx can be used on any surface without worry of staining. Flood Rx has no odors or harmful fumes making it very safe to clean with inside in non-ventilated areas.

The following is a list of different things around the home that can be cleaned safely and without damage by using Flood Rx:

  1. Carpet
  2. walls, ceilings and floors
  3. children's toys
  4. linens
  5. clothing can be washed with Flood Rx
  6. dishes
  7. beds
  8. couches and chairs
  9. attics
  10. basements
  11. siding
  12. decks
  13. concrete

Basically if it has mold stains on it, it can be cleaned permanently with Flood RX but not just mold stains, Flood Rx is also a strong detergent, use it to clean and de-deodorize all garments, carpets, bedding and towels that were damaged in the flood. 

Flood Rx is a very strong powder concentrate that can be mixed with water and is ready to clean. it is not necessary to add chlorine bleach. Every 2 Lbs of Flood Rx will make 8 gallons.

The reason we made the Flood Rx in a powder is because when you add the water to the powder you have 100% cleaning strength. When you purchase a liquid cleaning product like chlorine bleach or something that you may buy at the big box stores, it is not full strength, it was only full strength the first few days after it was mixed and every day that passes the product gets weaker and weaker. Liquid cleaning products have a active shelf life of 12-18 months and people wonder why cleaning agents from the big boxes stores don't work that well? they were probably a good product at one point of it's life but not by the time we purchase it. So the moral of the story is when you have a chance to buy a powder product, do so, they are much stronger.

Mix the Flood Rx with water, apply it to any surface and wipe the stains caused by mold goodbye. Apply Flood Rx to a mold stained carpet, let it soak for 30- 60 minutes and with a wet vac, vacuum it up. Soak clothes or linens in a washer machine or another large container with a cup or 2 of Flood Rx for 2-3 hours then wash normally and watch the clothes come out clean. Use Flood Rx before you pressure wash or clean the exterior of your home, boat, RV or auto.

Use what the professionals use and try Flood Rx to clean up after your flood.

Severe floods can displace an entire family, a neighborhood, town or city for days if not weeks.  We released this product to the "homeowner market" after the deadly 2011 Tennessee floods, we felt everybody, not just professional cleaning contractors could benefit from the use of our Flood Rx because as we stated earlier, time is of the essence and we hope that homes were able to be cleaned and moved back into sooner and families reunited. 

Good Luck to everybody cleaning up after a flood and if cleaning instruction is necessary please call our toll free phone number 1-888-908-9274.