Redihan's Wash Safe

Tile & Grout Wash XS - Extra Strength for Contractors

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An incredible heavy duty industrial strength tile and grout cleaner that works equally well on interior or exterior surfaces. Tile & Grout Wash XS easily cleans years of oil, grease, dirt, food stains and grime build up from bathrooms, locker rooms, restaurant and other food service and retail floors.

Business owners and home owners can now purchase and use the same strength products that contractors use to make hard to clean tile and grout shine.

Tile & Grout Wash XS is a “super concentrate” because of the high level of concentrated chemicals in the Tile & Grout Wash XS, after the initial cleaning the maintenance stage begins and the product can be diluted greatly by up to ten parts water and only one part Tile & Grout Wash that will make the purchase of a gallon last quite a long time.

Hard to remove soap scum in baths and showers, deep restaurant grease and kitchen food stains are no match for this tile and grout cleaner, this cleans tile and whitens the surrounding grout with ease.