Redihan's Wash Safe

Sneaker Magic Organic Premium Sneaker Cleaner


Wash Safe's sneaker magic is an all-natural, organic, citrus scented cleaning solution. Our formula deodorizes and cleans without bleach or other harmful or thread and color destroying chemicals.

Whether you are a mom, sneaker collector, or just like having your sneakers look like new, our Sneaker Magic is easy to use and the perfect product to keep sneakers looking like new. Available in a 4 oz single use/trial size or a 3 LB twelve use container.

As the owner of this company and formulator of these products this Sneaker Magic was a special project for me. First of all i'm a Dad, i grew up an athlete playing multiple sports, i enjoy wearing high end sneakers more than any shoe or boot but let's face it new sneakers look awesome but when they get dirty it's depressing, i like them and don't want to go buy another new pair already. My daughter is the worst sneaker offender lol! the first sign of dirt or a stain and the sneakers start collecting dust in her closest. Of course i skipped the fact that i had to buy her a new pair of sneakers because the other pair was "ruined". It was at this time that i noticed how many pairs of  sneakers she had in her closet that still fit, were hardly used but just a little dirty or stained. that's when i set out to make a sneaker cleaner, that turned into Sneaker Wash.

To date I always had washed my own sneakers in the washer machine, the heavy, loud banging is annoying and not good for the washer machine and is louder and worse for the dryer. My sneakers washed in the machines never really came out great and the shoe laces ended up pulled, stretched and not clean in spots. The sneakers lots of time shrunk, parts of them burned in the dryer and cleaning was "uneven", clean in some places and not in others, there had to be a better way.. I wanted to make something that cleaned the entire sneaker evenly and completely, laces and all without shrinkage, burning or using the washer and dryer. Well I'm happy to tell you all that I not only accomplished my goal, I exceeded it. Sneaker Magic is a powder solution that is added to hot water and the sneakers soak in this solution and air dry. 

Simply dissolve 4 oz of sneaker magic in enough warm to hot water to submerge your sneakers, let them soak, gently brush to loosen dirt and stains. They should be bright, fresh, clean and smell great in just a few short hours after cleaning.

With 12 uses of Sneaker Magic in every bottle, used routinely and keeping your sneakers clean and looking like new you will get much more use out of your sneakers, buy new sneakers less frequently and always look good in your sneakers, as will your son, your daughter and every person in your family who wears sneakers. If you like to wear clean good looking sneakers and like to see your family in them as well, Sneaker Magic is for you.

Some people buy used sneakers, sometimes collectible sneakers worth a lot of money, Sneaker Magic not only cleans it deodorizes, deodorizing alone is a big reason that people purchase Sneaker Magic, there is nothing more embarrassing than taking off your sneakers and having an odor that will burn your nose, wilt a flower and change the entire odor of a room but it happens all the time. We are all athletes in a sense, we all put serious time in our sneakers either working, playing sports, working out or just general use

Sneaker Wash is Easy to Use

Dirty sneakers

Choose sneakers to wash.


Add Sneaker Magic to 4 gallons of hot water and mix thoroughly.

Dirty Sneaker in Bucket

Place in water toe down.

Flip Sneakers

Flip sneakers 1/2 way through.

Let sneakers dry

Dry in the sun.

Clean sneakers

Clean sneakers, it's that easy.