Redihan's Wash Safe

Roof Hook


Anybody who is working on a roof with a pitch to steep to walk can use a set of roof hooks to make a set of stairs out of a ladder.

Widely used in the roof cleaning business so that you can safely wash the roof down without slipping or marking up hot roofs. When you are cleaning a roof, wet algae and moss are as slippery as ice. Avoid disaster and use a set of roof hooks to stabilize a ladder on the roof.

The roof hook is best used in pairs, although it can be used by itself. For safety reasons I would always use two just in the rare case that one hook was not properly tightened and came apart. The ladder remains much stabler on the roof with two roof hooks, with just one the ladder tends to float from side to side.

The roof hooks attach to the top two rungs of any ladder. On the back of the roof hook is a rubber wheel, simply roll the ladder up the roof from the gutters edge until you reach the peak, once you have reached the peak roll the ladder over one time and the hook will go over the ridge. once the ladder is hooked over the ridge you have a stable staircase to walk up and down the roof. when it is time to move the ladder, climb to the top of the roof, sit on the ridge and slide the ladder across the ridge to the next spot to work on.

Walking on a ladder that is resting on a roof is a great way to work on the roof without damaging the roof material because your weight is spread out evenly. Tile roofs are very easy to damage, using roof hooks allow you to walk fragile tiles without breaking them. You can also attach pipe insulation to the edge of the ladder that is up against the roof to provide a layer of cushion further protecting the roof.

Working off of a ladder attached with roof hooks also gives you a place to attach a safety harness.