Redihan's Wash Safe

Painters Wash


Painters across the globe are falling in love with this pre-paint formula. Inside or outside of the home this is the ultimate alternative to cleaning with bleach or TSP. Painters love it because there are no hazardous fumes or odors and because it is a "non-staining" formula so they do not have to worry about drips discoloring or staining other surfaces that it may come in contact with. This bleach alternative has a pleasant citrus fragrance which is a far cry from the toxic bleach or TSP fumes.

This pre-paint formula will not harm plants, shrubs, or grass making it one of the most environmentally friendly pre-paint products available. This bleach alternative totally cleans and preps any surface for painting.The product has an endless shelf life because it comes in a powder form so you can just mix what you need. No more carrying around cases of bleach or opening your box of TSP and finding out that it has become a solid block that is unusable (you painters know what we are talking about), this TSP substitute will become a staple in your tool box for years to come.