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Marine Wash


I have been making this product for the last 9 years and it continues to be a top seller, like I mention below, almost all stains on a boat are from organic matter, mold, mildew, algae, fish blood, salt, seagull droppings, food, etc. So using my "organic" based, high oxygen cleaner will clean the whole boat. Whether it is a boat that has been in storage and covered with mold or a boat in constant use,you will not find a product that will brighten white fiberglass, clean a bilge or even clean the carpets, this product will not stain anything it comes in contact with and it deodorizes at the same time, this product is all you need to clean your boat. Of course as with all my products I will sell this to you with no financial risk, if it does not meet your cleaning standards I will refund the cost of the product as well as your shipping money.

Marine Wash Comes in 4 Sizes.

  • 3LB which makes 12 gallons of boat cleaner.
  • 6LB which makes 24 gallons of boat cleaner.
  • 10LB which make 40 gallons of boat cleaner.
  • 40LB which makes 160 gallons of boat cleaner.

The boat cleaner comes in a powder form and does not take up a lot of room on a boat. Simply add water to the powder and you have an oxygen activated, great smelling boat cleaner for all of your cleaning needs.

This low foaming, citrus scented boat cleaner is an all purpose boat cleaner that targets stains from organic matter. Almost 100% of the stains on a boat after use are organic so the boat cleaner is just what you need.

Removes Stains From:

  1. Fish Blood
  2. Bird feces
  3. Mold and mildew
  4. Algae
  5. Dirt
  6. Salt
  7. Food stains
  8. Fish Scales


  1. Bilges
  2. Live wells
  3. Vinyl Cushions
  4. Canvas
  5. Refrigerators
  6. Toilets
  7. Fiberglass
  8. Boat Bottoms
  9. Carpeting

This is all the boat cleaner that you need, add water, grab a deck brush and the deck will be looking like new.

Spring cleaning, use this boat cleaner to deodorize the fridge, toilets and any cabinets.

If stains from mold are an issue on the vinyl cushions, just wipe them down with the boat wash.

Algae stains in the bilge? not a problem, just sprinkle raw powder down in the bilge and it will clean itself.

Canvas looking weathered, soak down the canvas with the boat wash and hose it off, watch it bring that old canvas back to life.

Seagulls taking aim at your boat when you are gone? just spray the boat wash on the feces stains and watch it dissolve on contact so you can rinse or wipe it right off.

Fishermen? Clean your mess up quickly and easily, just mix a bucket of cleaner and use the deck brush to wash everything off.

Foaming an issue? a lot of boat cleaning products foam so much that a spectator would believe that you are polluting the water, not so with this boat cleaner. This formula is made to foam very little once it hits the water.

Fresh Citrus Scent.

Ever lasting shelf life (unlike liquid cleaners)

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