Redihan's Wash Safe

Concrete Wash


Before you continue reading, I have been producing this product for 9 years now, this is an organically derived product designed to target "organic" stains such as the stains from mold, mildew, leaves, dirt, grime, etc. People and contractors using this product are usually cleaning concrete walkways, sidewalks and patios that are surrounded by grass or flower beds.This product will easily clean and brighten the dirty concrete to an amazingly white/new concrete look that you will be very happy with. If your concrete has stains from "inorganic" matter such as oil, grease, fuel, will need my product called Concrete Wash XS, this is a high powered product that can pull any stain out of concrete but your landscaping will not be happy if you are sloppy with your application and cleaning. I have over 5,000 professional cleaning contractors who use my products daily to support their business. 

Whoever said that effective concrete cleaning products had to be made from toxic phosphates, never tried our eco-safe concrete cleaner. Our concrete cleaner is made from the strongest mix of sodium percarbonate (hydrogen peroxide) that we have ever manufactured. It is a very effective "bleaching and cleaning agent" and is safe to use around the pool, along your walkways, on the basement walls and floors, on the garage floor or most commonly; to clean the driveway. All without burning the grass, your skin, or a hole through your pants, and will not stain or discolor any other surface that it may come in contact with.

Say good bye to stains from mold and mildew, and welcome a clean bright concrete look. The effectiveness of the millions of tiny bubbles that the product deploys is nothing short of amazing. They will penetrate every little crevice and pore of the concrete surface and lift everything up to the surface for an easy cleaning that is unmatched by any concrete cleaning product, hazardous or not. Even though, like all of our products, this concrete cleaner comes with a satisfaction guarantee, you will never need to use it, nobody ever has, it's that good.

Some recommended tools for helping clean your concrete

3700 psi Rotary Nozzle - Creates a spinning tornado effect that is able to scrub clean porous and hard to clean surfaces

Concrete Wash XS - A heavy duty degreaser meant to remove oil and grease stains. Perfect for getting off stains that Concrete Wash cannot.

Nature's Defense Concrete Masonry Waterproofer - After you've cleaned your concrete, protect it with our easy to apply waterproofer.