Coverage Chart

To help you determine the amount of product you need for your particular use, refer to the following chart or to the individual product information page.



Size Coverage
AlumKlean 32 oz 60 linear feet
1 gal 200-250 linear feet
Powdered Cleaners (Roof, Deck, House, Painters, Stucco, Tile Roof Wash) 3 lbs 2500-3,00 sq ft
6 lbs 5,500-6,000 sq ft
10 lbs 9,500-10,000 sq ft
40 lbs 35,500-40,000 sq ft
Rust Off 32 oz 60 sq ft
1 gal 250 sq ft
5 gal 1,200 sq ft
Cedar Seal, Deck Seal 1 gal 200-300 sq ft*
Composite Deck Seal 1 gal 600 sq ft*
Spray and Clean Composite Deck Cleaner 1 gal 250 sq ft

*Coverage depends on the age of the decking. Newer decks take less product to cover.