Redihan's Wash Safe

TILE ROOF WASH Premium Eco-Safe and Organic Tile Roof Cleaner


Our Tile Roof Cleaner removes stains caused from dirt, grime, mold, mildew, black algae, moss and lichen. The result is a clean that lasts longer than traditional cleaners because of our products ability to stick to roof tile longer to clean more effectively prior to rinsing. As with all of our products, you do not need to worry about covering or wetting down your plants, our products will not harm the landscaping.

Attention customers - our label design has changed but it's the same product inside. We hope you'll like our new look. Have suggestions for other improvements we can make to better your experience? Contact us.

Our product is used by over 3,000 roof cleaning contractors who clean mostly roof tiles, Tile Roof Wash does not contain chlorine bleach, Tile Roof Wash is hydrogen peroxide based, contractors who clean with pool shock or bleach of any kind are cheating their customers. All bleach products do is turn the black mold stains on your roof "translucent" by "bleaching" them the same result as if you poured bleach on a black t-shirt...the shirt and threading are still there but they are white now. On a roof "white roof algae" can't be seen from the ground it becomes translucent until the next blooming season, then guess what? the whole roof blooms black again. That is not the case when you clean with our product, when you do the stains are gone for good to get the roof looking dirty again a new mold spore would have to land on the roof and eventually spread a root system called "tendrils" across your roof that takes a long time, many years. The best part of our product is the ability to clean on its own, it's simple to keep a roof clean, once you have cleaned it initially just spray the roof once or twice a year from the ground with a garden hose attachment and you will never need to clean your roof again. it's called a "roof maintenance program". This is how thousands of southern state residents are keeping their roofs clean without hiring roof cleaning companies and spending hundreds or thousands of dollars in roof cleaning bills each it yourself, it's simple.

As the formulator of the Tile Roof Wash and being from the northeast I always had to rely on others who lived in southern or southwestern states to do the testing for me, well this past week in February of 2018 I visited southern California for a week and brought some Tile Roof wash with me. The pictures below are what I took myself to test the product out on a 20 year old roof that had black mold, yellow lichen (a type of algae) and misc dirt, grime and other environmental stains on it. All i did was mix a little Tile Roof Wash and water in a bowl and poured it on a few tiles of the roof, it immediately started coming off, I brushed it lightly and poured a bowl of water over it to rinse it off. I was honestly amazed at how easy the roof tiles cleaned. I wanted to keep cleaning and clean the whole roof but I was on a rare vacation and didn't come prepared to work. I can say with complete faith "have no fear, this product will clean your tile roof and make it look like new again".

Tile Roof Before Cleaning

Tile Roof After Cleaning But Still Wet

Tile Roof Dry After Cleaning