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Pro-Tect Wood/Concrete Sealer


Pro-Tect has been used by our contractors and sold to our industrial customers for the last 10 years. Pro-Tect is and always has been our best-selling sealer. We call it a “sealer” but it’s actually a “water-proofer” and water-proofing is just what it does best. Pro-Tect can supply 15-20 years or more of water proof protection. Along with the water proof protection comes protection from moss, mold and algae. Moss, mold and algae all need water to survive, so when a surface has been coated with Pro-Tect the surface is not suitable for fungus to grow because there is no water content. Not only does Pro-Tect wipe out water absorption but it has a long lasting fungicide that sits on the surface as an added protectant from air-borne mold spores.

Pro-Tect Has been applied to all types of wood surfaces, including decks, siding, foundations, roofs, etc.It goes on clear and dries below the surface so that any stains and spills do not penetrate the surface, making clean up very easy.

Pro-Tect has been applied to concrete sidewalks, pre-cast concrete structures, forms, bridges, patios, pavers, driveways, highways and anywhere concrete is used.

Pro-Tect is a superior water-proofer, perfect for contractors who can depend on one water-proofer for multi-surfaces.

Pro-Tect is a proven product that will repel water, deny fungus, and keep wood, composite wood and concrete dry and looking good for many years to come.

Pro-Tect is also a great base coat for wood, concrete or composite when applying a top finish coat on wood or concrete.