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Wash Safe™ Cedar SEAL Premium, Transparent Wood Sealant | Water-Based, Low-VOC | Waterproofing Protection | Base or Top Clear Coat on Cedar Shakes, Shingles, Siding and Log Cabins


Protect Your Cedar Shakes, Shingles, and Clapboard from Damage & Rot with Wash Safe Cedar Seal

If you have cedar shakes, shingles, or clapboard, you understand the battle against mold, mildew, and moss. Clean, well-maintained cedar siding and roofing enhance your home’s appearance and property value. Regular cleaning with Cedar Wash followed by Cedar Seal prevents rot, stains from moss, mold, algae and lichen as well as deterioration and costly repairs. Our premium, water-based waterproofing sealant penetrates deep to create a long-lasting, water-resistant shield, keeping your cedar pristine and protected for years.

Cedar Seal is not just a traditional sealer; it's a technically advanced waterproofer using our Water-Defense™ technology developed from over 15 years of tenure cleaning coastal New England cedar homes. It forms a protective shield that allows the cedar to breathe while preventing water penetration and mold growth. Cedar Seal does not alter the cedar’s natural color or appearance, allowing it to age gracefully without blackening or mold growth. In addition to protecting against water damage, Cedar Seal serves as an excellent base coat for stains or paints, extending their lifespan by reducing wood movement. It’s the ultimate solution for maintaining and enhancing your cedar’s longevity and beauty.

Cedar Seal Key Benefits

  • Top-Notch Protection: Cedar Seal provides 10 years of waterproofing protection, allowing your cedar to age naturally and uniformly without any noticeable residues. It penetrates deep into the wood fibers, creating a durable shield that keeps water out and lets air through. Cedar Seal offers incredible protection against water damage, cracking, and splitting. By keeping water out, it prevents the freeze-thaw cycle from damaging your cedar shingles or shakes.
  • Safe and Eco-Friendly: Proudly made in the USA, our low-VOC formula ensures safety for your property, plants, and loved ones. No more harsh chemicals—just a cleaner, greener approach to cedar maintenance.
  • Enhanced Appearance: Our treatment allows cedar to age naturally, maintaining its beautiful gray hue without blackening from mold. It’s clear, matte, and virtually invisible once applied.
  • Proven Results: Just look at the dramatic difference between sealed and unsealed cedar. Sealed cedar stays clean and mold-free, while unsealed cedar quickly becomes overrun with mold and mildew. The proof is in the results.


The above image was taken seven years after Cedar Seal was applied to one half of the owner of the company's barn. The difference is clear.

Why Choose Wash Safe Cedar Seal?

  • Trusted by Professionals: Thousands of homeowners trust our Cedar Seal for its remarkable performance in protecting cedar shakes, shingles, and clapboard from mold, mildew, and moss.
  • Safe for All Surfaces: Our low-VOC, non-toxic formula ensures safety for your property, plants, and loved ones. Say goodbye to harmful chemicals and hello to an eco-friendly approach to cedar maintenance.
  • Guaranteed Satisfaction: Experience the transformative results of Wash Safe Cedar Seal or get your money back. Your cedar will look better and last longer with our premium protection.

How to Seal Your Cedar Shingles, Shakes, Clapboard and Log Cabins:

Cedar Seal couldn’t be easier to apply, a simple pump sprayer, back pack sprayer or any spray system will work. To ensure proper application, follow these steps for cleaning and sealing your cedar:

  1. Clean Thoroughly: Rinse off all cleaning solution from the cedar surface. Any residue can cause the sealer to fail. Use Wash Safe Cedar Wash to clean dirty cedar. Never thin the formula or add bleach. 
  2. Allow to Dry: After cleaning, let the cedar dry completely for 48 hours before applying Cedar Seal.
  3. Apply Cedar Seal: Cedar Seal is easy to apply. We recommend using a backpack sprayer followed by back-brushing. It will not leave lap marks. Apply two coats of Cedar Seal. The second coat can be applied when the first coat is still moist, ensuring there are no visible pools or puddles.
  4. Walk On Wet Surface: You can walk on the wet surface without leaving footprints because the formula is water based.

Additional Tips:

Ensure the temperature is above 40°F before applying.
Do not thin the formula or use bleach with Cedar Seal.

Customer's Cedar Sealing Reviews

  • Best Sealer I Have Found "Best sealer I have found to retain the natural color of the cedar. I applied 2 coats to begin with and 6 months later, reapplied another coat and the cedar still looks new. The sealer did not change the color of the wood at all. I will not use anything else again."
  • Far Exceeded My Expectations "Far exceeded my expectations!! Could not recommend it more highly!"
    Great Product! "The product works excellent and had great results."
  • Love It! "This product is awesome! The safe wash is great too."
  • Excellent "Excellent not done with the job yet."

Optimal Coverage Area

Each gallon of Cedar Seal covers 200-300 square feet, depending on the slope, age of the wood, and dryness. Newer cedar yields better coverage, while older, drier wood requires more product.

  • 1 gallon: Treats 200-300 sq ft of cedar, depending on the wood's age and dryness.
  • 5 gallons: Treats 1000-1500 sq ft of cedar.
  • 10 gallons: Treats 2000-3000 sq ft of cedar.

Common Questions from Contractors AND Homeowners About Cedar Seal

Can I Use Cedar Seal Before Staining?
Absolutely. Cedar Seal acts as a perfect base coat before applying a stain. It prevents mold, mildew, and moss from growing on your freshly cleaned cedar. This base coat extends the life of your stain or paint by minimizing water absorption and wood movement.

Why Should I Seal My Cedar?
Sealing is the best way to protect your investment. Water can saturate cedar, freeze, and cause cracking and splitting. This not only looks bad but can lead to significant damage. Sealing your cedar prevents this and keeps it in top condition.

Can I Seal My Cedar Roof?
Yes, Cedar Seal is perfect for cedar roofs. Its breathable coating ensures that while water can’t get in, air can still circulate, allowing the cedar to breathe and stay dry.

What Will My Cedar Look Like After It’s Sealed?
Your cedar will look as good as new. The sealant doesn’t change the color or physical appearance of the wood. It allows the cedar to gray naturally in the sun while preventing the growth of stains from black mold.

Cedar Seal Safety Data Sheet.

Click HERE for a quick download of our Cedar Seal Safety Data Sheet