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Deck Wash


Ultimate Deck Cleaner

Since 2007 Deck Wash has been a top seller, it was the second product that we developed and became so popular that in 2008 Deck Wash was written up in the NY Times by writer Jay Ramano and it's been the "go to" deck cleaner for many people ever since and has a whopping 92.33!! re-order %. Eco-Safe Deck Wash deck cleaner is just what you need to clean your deck or prepare it for staining or water sealing. Deck Wash not only cleans the wood decking but restores the wood to a like new color tone, removing the gray weathered wood fibers. Deck Wash has no chemical odors, is not harmful to plants or grass, and won't harm your pets or children. Deck Wash will remove surface stains caused by mold and mildew.

Green Rated

Deck Wash earns a 9 out of 10 green rating (there is no perfect “10” when any solution other than water is entering the environment). Deck Wash is made from hydrogen peroxide and there are no chemical odors or fumes. Deck Wash will not harm plants or grass and it’s safe to use over water. It biodegrades very rapidly — only hours after use. Deck Wash will not harm people or pets, and it will not stain other surfaces.

It's All in the Oxygen

Deck Wash is formulated to penetrate wood using oxygen bubbles to extract debris from the decking so it can be easily cleaned off. Use of Deck Wash and a power washer will greatly lengthen the amount of time your deck will remain clean with a great new look that you just worked so hard to provide.

We chose to make our Deck Wash in a powder concentrate for a few reasons. The first reason is when the Deck Wash is mixed with water you are receiving 100% cleaning strength. If you have bought liquid deck cleaners before and were not happy with results it was probably because the product was old and was very weak. Liquid cleaners are only good for about 12 months after manufacturing. Liquid cleaners can contain up to 95% water and each day after production they become weaker and weaker. Our powder products have no expiration date, you could use the Deck Wash again next year and the year after and still have 100% strength. Shipping products in a concentrated form is also a "green" method of shipping.

Deck Wash in Action

The video below shows you the entire deck cleaning process. The deck in the video is made of expensive mahogany wood, and you will notice how the color comes back to the mahogany decking. Deck wash works on all types of wood decking. Deck Wash will also dissolve old deck stain so that it can be cleaned and re-stained.

 Seal the Beauty In

After you clean your deck, protect it with the highest quality deck sealer available.