Clean and Seal Cedar with this Power Washing Product Duo for Better, Brighter & More Long Lasting Results

Clean and Seal Cedar with this Power Washing Product Duo for Better, Brighter & More Long Lasting Results

Apr 04, 2024John Redihan

Enhance Your Cedar's Brilliance with Our Power Washing Product Duo

If you're a painter or power washer specializing in siding cleaning, you're in good company. At Wash Safe, we're well-versed in exterior maintenance, including the care of cedar siding. Allow us to introduce you to our top-performing products designed specifically for cleaning and sealing cedar, delivering unparalleled results that last.

Meet Cedar Wash

Cedar homes exude timeless beauty, but over time, weathering and buildup can diminish their appearance. Cedar Wash offers a solution that's both effective and gentle, designed to remove stains from moss, mold, algae, and years of grime without compromising the integrity of the cedar. Unlike bleach-based alternatives, Cedar Wash harnesses the power of oxygen bleach and green surfactants to brighten as it cleans, revealing the natural beauty beneath the stains. Available in various sizes, Cedar Wash is a safe and reliable choice for rejuvenating cedar siding, roofs, shakes, and more.

What Sets Cedar Wash Apart

Unlike harsh chemical cleaners, Cedar Wash is bleach-free and environmentally friendly, ensuring minimal impact on landscaping and the surrounding environment. Its unique formula brightens and cleans without stripping the cedar of its natural color, preserving its integrity for years to come.

Meet Cedar Seal

After thoroughly cleaning cedar surfaces, the next step is to apply Cedar Seal for long-lasting protection. Developed through years of industry experience, Cedar Seal serves as both a base coat and final sealant, preventing the growth of mold, mildew, and moss on freshly cleaned projects. Its breathable formula penetrates below the surface, bonding with the wood fibers to create a waterproof shield that allows cedar to age naturally while maintaining its appearance.

What Makes Cedar Seal Stand Out

Cedar Seal boasts remarkable strength and durability, providing superior waterproof protection against stains and contaminants. Unlike traditional sealers, Cedar Seal utilizes advanced "Water-Defense"™ technology to safeguard cedar surfaces without compromising their breathability. Additionally, its advanced fungicide further enhances its protective capabilities, ensuring long-lasting results.

Experience the Difference

Whether you're a professional contractor or a homeowner seeking to revitalize your cedar exterior, our power washing product duo offers a winning combination of effectiveness and ease of use. Discover the transformative power of Cedar Wash and Cedar Seal for brighter, more vibrant cedar surfaces that stand the test of time.


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