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Are you a painter or power washer who cleans siding? We are too! Many people don't realize but Wash Safe has a sister division, Street Appeal Pros, which offers an array of professional power washing, roof cleaning and painting services on Cape Cod. We know a thing or two about cleaning siding and cleaning cedar is one of our specialties. If you also clean cedar homes, we're going to share the top two products we rely on to safely and effectively clean cedar house siding, roofs, shakes, shingles, decks and more then seal for waterproof protection, which keeps the cedar looking great for years to come. Used in combination, the products are unstoppable when it comes to delivering the very best, brightest and most long lasting results for clients. Used in combination, it's also an incredible way to build your business. Adding a Cedar Seal treatment to a job keeps the homeowner happy with waterproof protection to prevent the problem from coming back and doubles the job size for the power washing professional. It really is a win-win!

Recently a painter stopped by our office for curbside pickup to get his 40lb order of Supreme and another 5 Gallon of our Cedar Seal. He commented when leaving, "Thank you! Seriously, this is the best product you guys make!" and we realized, wow, we don't share enough about this product so that's what we're going to do today, introduce you to both.


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Cedar homes are beautiful. Expensive materials, but when cared for properly, the homes can surprisingly be low maintenance. Cedar Wash is one of those products that makes owning a Cedar Home more low maintenance by allowing cleaning to be safer and easier than ever. After time goes by, a new cedar home can begin to look weathered, black, grey and could even be covered with moss, mold and lichen. Depending on how wooded the area is, you'll see varying degrees of dirty. We have cleaned houses that were pitch black to begin with before revealing the natural, original beauty of the cedar underneath.  Cedar Wash was made for that reason. You don't always have to replace your cedar or compromise the home's materials with bleach thanks to Cedar Wash . It's going to remove stains from moss, mold, algae, lichen and years of grime with the power of oxygen bleach, green surfactants and a natural adhesive that allows it to not fall off the siding or roof immediately before dissolving as it cleans. It comes in 3, 10 and 40 lb Sizes and, unlike bleach, it will not make shingles dry and cracked like a brittle nail. Bleach can also make cedar blotchy because it strips the natural color right out of them! Cedar Wash works and the results speak for it!


Cedar Wash does not contain bleach or other harsh chemicals. It will not harm landscaping or harm pets, plants and people who come into contact with it. It brightens as it cleans and reveals the beauty underneath the stains. Bleach on cedar is a lot like bleach on a hair follicle, it strips color right from the material and once that color is gone, it's gone for good!



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Our team has cleaned over 3,000 homes on Cape Cod. We have an abundance of the classic, New England cedar homes here.. including some beautiful red cedar too! We have become the industry leader for eco-safe power washing and we needed a product that service as the final coat or as a base coat before a top coat stain to prevent mold, mildew and moss from growing on recently cleaned projects. Because we clean a TON of roofs, we also needed that seal to be breathable! After countless formula submissions we arrived at what we proudly feel is the best seal to allow cedar to age naturally and uniform. It goes on seamlessly (think of a milk-like texture)will not sit on top of the cedar it binds the woods fibers below the surface and is not noticeable. This is YEARS of protection to stop water from getting in and keep the cedar looking as clean as possible.


Our contractors tell us Cedar Seal is an amazing product that's easy to apply, fast drying and unbelievably strong! That strength is the waterproof protection that keeps stains from moss, black mold, algae and lichen from returning to a home's shakes, shingles and clapboard once it's been thoroughly washed. Cedar Seal isn’t like a traditional “sealer” it’s really just a “water proofer” that is the most technically advanced water proofer on the market, it’s in formulated with our “Water-Defense”™ technology. Cedar Seal should be sprayed on to every piece of cedar that you apply. Cedar Seal penetrates the cedar just below the surface and bonds with the wood fibers creating a shield much like a “Tyvek” type of house wrap where water can’t penetrate the surface but air can escape thru the surface allowing the cedar to breathe. Cedar Seal also has a very advanced fungicide in it.


cedar seal, cedar wash, cedar shakes, shingles, clapboard, how to clean cedar, seal cedar safely and effectively

cedar wash, clean cedar, shakes, clapboard, shingles, red cedar, seal sealer with wateproof protection

cedar wash, clean cedar, shakes, clapboard, shingles, red cedar, seal sealer with wateproof protection

cedar wash, clean cedar, shakes, clapboard, shingles, red cedar, seal sealer with wateproof protection



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