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By John Redihan March 02, 2017

Attention current or future exterior and roof cleaning contractors: Spring is here. If you are looking for a new stream of income by adding a service to your existing business or would like to start your own pressure cleaning business — maybe just add a new division to your business — we recommend pressure washing with roof cleaning as a target service. Roof cleaning leads into cleaning an entire home or a commercial property, as well as painting and other services if the sale is completed correctly.

JR Chemical Coatings LLC was one of the first companies to offer a roof cleaning product for sale to contractors and the first company to offer a roof cleaner that wouldn’t hurt or damage the landscaping. When a new contractor gets into the pressure washing business the biggest decision he or she will have is deciding to go “bleach” or go “safe.” Bleach (sodium hypochlorite) is what lessor contractors use, buying either cases of chlorine bleach or “pool shock” from the outdoor pool industry suppliers.

We manufacture and sell a roof cleaning, mold stain cleaning, pressure washing super concentrated product called Roof Wash and a product called Wash Safe Supreme. Supreme is all a pressure washing contractor needs, packed full of 13 different surfactants to clean any exterior surface. Roof Wash is an excellent choice for a Roof Cleaning contractor because the product itself will sell a roof cleaning job for you. Simply offer the product for the homeowner to smell. It smells like fresh squeezed orange juice. It will not damage plants or lawn, and it will not stain any surface it comes in contact with. There are no VOC’s (no odor) and a host of other benefits with a surfactant pack that helps the active ingredient clean all types of roofing materials. This product will get the roof cleaning job for you.

Add to Your Current Business

Getting into this business or just adding the service to your existing company is not an expensive endeavor. In fact, if you already have a truck or van, a contractor can make back his/her investment within the first 1-4 jobs that are completed.

Why Clean Roofs?

The roof is an area of a homeowner’s property that he/she rarely visits and has no desire to be climbing. Fear sells. Sure, a homeowner can do this themselves, but when they realize the potential danger and risk to their health, they will hire the roof cleaning contractor who they feel that can complete this job without all the potential side effects.

We Speak From Experience

As a previous contractor ourselves, we have sold over 2,000 roof cleaning jobs and have been told many times by the homeowner that they knew they were hiring us within 30 seconds after I started speaking! Why would they say that? Why would they say that so quickly, before they even heard the price? Because we pointed out the ideal features:

  • non-bleach product
  • will not damage
  • eco-safe

As well as other key words and phrases that reduced their fear of having somebody soak their home with a chemical solution and cleaning the home in a way that exceeded their expectations. When you can exceed expectations, the word of mouth jobs pour in for years to come.

Clean Better

The process of cleaning with a bleach based product will allow you to clean faster and that is the only benefit of cleaning with a bleach based product. While it may benefit the contractor, by completing the job more quickly than cleaning in an “eco-safe” fashion, cleaning correctly with the environment and the homeowner's property in mind, you can charge much more money for the job, which the homeowner is happy to pay if they get the results that you promise. Plus, the personal recommendations earned by a job well done are invaluable.

We Can Help

Call us today and let us help you get started in a lucrative cleaning business. Call (888) 908-9274 today and request to speak to contractor sales.

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