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A roof is one of the first things a visitor might notice about your house — specially if you have a tile roof because they're more rare than your typical asphalt roof due to the cost of the natural tiles (which can be either clay, sand, synthetic, stucco or concrete) plus the cost of installation. There's good reason why people desire them despite the hefty price tag. For one, having the beautiful earth tone protecting your home certainly makes a statement. Hello, curb appeal! Not only is it attractive, but tile roofs are known to last longer and be more durable. If your tile roof is properly cared for, it will only last longer and exponentially enhance your home's curb appeal so we're going to show you how to clean it like the pros do.

What You'll Need: Tile Roof Wash

how to clean a tile roof, the best way to remove moss, mold, black algae, lichen

Tile Roof Wash is our powerful tile roof cleaner that works on clay, sand, synthetic, stucco or concrete tiles. When it comes to tile roof cleaning products, this is all you'll need for your cleaning solution. Below we explain why it's the superior choice when it comes to quality, time and spend. In terms of equipment, you will need the following items:
  • Garden Pump Sprayer
  • Barrel For Mixing
  • Garden Hose

Our Tile Roof Cleaning Method

Whether we're cleaning asphalt, tile or cedar, our method for cleaning roofs is to avoid using chlorine bleach at all costs. Aside from avoiding damage to your landscaping, it's actually the ultimate long-term strategy because the cost of having to continuously go back and redo work that was done with bleach is much higher than doing it right the first time. That's because all bleach products do is turn the black mold stains on your roof "translucent" by "bleaching" them. There's an old saying with tools: 'Buy once, cry once,'” Grandfather said  and this applies to roof cleaning as well. On a roof "white roof algae" can't be seen from the ground it becomes translucent until the next blooming season, then guess what? the whole roof blooms black again. Our Tile Roof Wash is hydrogen peroxide based. Instead of using bleach products that just turn the black mold stains on your roof "translucent" by "bleaching" them, you need a product that will remove stains for good. You with us? OK, now let's get to the cleaning! Onward!


Tile Roof Cleaning Cost

Once you have determined how you will clean your tile roof; you will know how much it's going to cost you when you apply your method to the square footage of the area you're cleaning. We've inserted the chart below to show you -on average- what your spend might look like. 


How to Clean Your Tile Roof


Wash Safe Tile Roof Wash is a strong concentrate. Because this powder is not diluted into liquid until you start the process, the cleaning agent is 5-10X stronger than liquid cleaners. The reason ___________________________________________. You'll start with determining the ratio of powder to liquid you'll mix with. 


  • 3LB BOTTLE: will make 12 gallons of solution and will treat up to 3,000 sq ft.
  • 10LB BUCKET: will make 40 gallons of solution and will treat up to 10,000 sq ft.
  • 40LB BUCKET: will make 160 gallons of solution and will treat up to 40,000 sq ft


  1. Add 1/2 a cup per gallon of water in your bucket or barrel. Double the strength to remove tough stains. Mix only the amount you are intending to use. After mixing, do not store in airtight container due to pressure build up.

  2. Mix well and consistently for 15 minutes to activate the solution. This step is so key - you must stir frequently to get the best results prior to use.

  3. Never mix with other cleaning agents or bleach!


  1. Apply to surface with garden style pump sprayer or any mechanical pump/spray application. Spray the entire dirty roof section. 

  2. For instant results: after applying product rinse the roof with a pressure washer. To avoid damaging the roof attach a quick connect "soft tip" nozzle to your pressure washer wand. (Available at




Once you have finished pressure washing the entire roof, rinse the put away your equipment and allow it to completely dry.
Remember, tile roofs can look very different from when they are wet to finally dry (colors can vary) so be patient so see the results of your work. Allow the surface to dry a minimum of 24 hours before making final judgement on the outcome.


Use the formula completely or dispose according to local requirements. This product never expires as long as it is kept dry.

Meet the Tile Roof Cleaning Expert

What makes us the expert? For over 10 years, Wash Safe has been serving areas where tile roofs are extremely popular like: Naples, Orlando, Fort Myers, San Diego, Cape Coral, Sarasota, Dana Point, Newport, Laguna, Tampa and Wellington just to name a few! Did we forget anyone? Share in the comments below? Because Wash Safe tests every product on actual homes and Geo locations before we sell a new product, our company's Chief Owner & Operator John makes trips to California and Florida specifically just to put these products to the test. The results? Effective. Amazing. Safe. But most importantly — easy ... so we asked him to share these expert tips and we hope you found them helpful!

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